So what’s different about GreenWitch Tea?

We humbly suggest that it is our combination of quality, purity, taste, original blending, value, organic and fair trade practice, knowledge, ethic and love.

Certified organic or grown spray free

Our teas that are grown in Australia are grown pesticide, fungicide and herbicide free. All of our teas that we source from overseas are certified organic.

This of course means both a purer tasting tea and a healthier tea; healthier for you the tea drinker, the tea artisans who grow your tea, and for Mother Earth as a whole.

Fair Trade

Our teas are Fair Trade. This means every worker from every tea and herb garden that we source our tea and herbs from is paid a fair wage. There is no child or forced labour.

Fair Trade workers are highly skilled and know their craft, and have a philosophy of passing their skills on to the next generation.

Fair Trade tea gardens are family or village co-operatives, meaning money goes back into the education and health care of all workers and their families, and the village as a whole, which in turn helps to loosen the grip of multi-nationals in the area.

And Fair Trade also means that growing and harvesting is sustainable and eco-friendly to the local environment.

organic green tea in Australia

Our practices are eco-friendly

Our canisters and pouches are re-usable. Our heat sealed bags are biodegradable cellophane. Our printing is done on recycled or forest sustainable paper. And our inks are made from soy and contain no chemical nasties.

Our packaging

Pouches: GreenWitch Tea extensively researched many options for sustainable, eco-friendly packaging before we decided on our final pouches and canisters.

Our zip-lock pouches are made from superior quality, FDA approved, 100% recyclable material.

Canisters: Our canisters are superbly crafted, beautiful, elegant, matte black, made in Japan, completely airtight with a bamboo sealer, and not just 100% recyclable, but totally reusable for a lifetime of tea drinking.

We are carbon neutral

Carbon neutrality for GreenWitch Tea means we take responsibility for any greenhouse gas emissions that our business may have been part of in the past, present or future.

To put that responsibility into action, our team planted over 2,000 trees in 2015, and we will be planting at least another 1,000 trees every year for the next five years.

Our office is solar powered. We support other businesses that are carbon neutral. And we lobby politicians to use green energy practices.

Sourcing our Tea

We love both Japanese (steamed) and Chinese (panned) Green and White Teas. But sadly due to radiation in Japan and pollution in the flatter parts of China we have found it increasingly challenging to find traditional teas grown in ancient ways in healthy soil and pure air.

So for the past decade or so we have sourced, tasted, and evaluated teas from around the world until finally our quest has yielded just such teas. Superb Japanese teas grown on fertile river flats and in the lush rolling hills of Australia, and equally excellent Chinese teas grown either in the higher mountain regions of China, or in the pristine mountain air of Sri Lanka.

We also believe that tea is an art form. And to this end, we have made sure our teas are grown traditionally by tea artisans, in accordance with nature, and in a way that honours the grower and the drinker.

loose leaf organic green tea

Sensibility and Love

GreenWitch Tea wants to leave a tiny green footprint upon the earth. And we genuinely want to leave this world a better place because we were here. So everything we do, we try to do with love and kindness; for people, for animals, and for the greater good. We are committed to bringing this sensibility to our tea and hopefully on to you. We commit to being honest, fair, ethical and compassionate in all our dealings. And we commit to providing you with delightful tea to help enchant your day, hoping that you in turn will pass some joy on to the next person.

‘There is magick waiting in every pot of tea.’ – GreenWitch Tea