Green Tea Essential Oil

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Green Tea Essential Oil, like green tea itself, has a myriad of health, skin, and wellbeing benefits.

Let me start with what is an essential oil… Essential oils are the concentrated elixirs of plants; extracted from the roots, stems, leaves, bark, seeds and flowers. They are used in minute doses for a range of therapeutic, aesthetic, beautifying, and emotion-evoking purposes.

Green Tea Essential Oil is extracted from the Camellia sinsenis plant (the same plant that your green tea comes from) by either steam distillation or cold pressing of the plants and/or seeds.

Ways of using Green Tea Essential Oil…

For your skin ~ Green Tea Essential Oil has a range of powerful antioxidants, known as catechins(1) that protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, cigarette smoke, pollution and any other environmental stressors(2).

These catechins are so effective that nearly every large cosmetic company in the world is now adding them to their skin and beauty products(3).

Here is a recipe for creating the same benefits at home for a fraction of the cost, and ending up with a purer, organic product that’s fun to make.

Green Tea Essential Oil

Homemade Face Potion ~ mix three drops of Green Tea Essential Oil, with two drops each of any two of the following essential oils – carrot, frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh, lavender, jasmine, rose or palmarosa. Add the essential oils to 100mls of a carrier oil such as rosehip, chia, macadamia or argan, and use as a night time moisturiser.

For an acne treatment ~ studies have shown that one of the most potent of green tea’s catechins – EGCG, Epigallocatechin Gallate(4) – reduces inflammation of the skin, and is extremely effective for treating acne.

A simple acne potion to make up is, just add 10 drops of Green Tea Essential Oil to 25mls of jojoba or rosehip oil, and apply directly to acne spots at bedtime.

For your hair ~ another wonderful benefit of EGCG is that it actively promotes hair growth, strong roots and a healthy scalp.

An excellent DIY hair tonic is to mix 10 drops of green tea essential oil with a quarter of a cup of coconut or olive oil, and apply to your scalp two hours before you wash your hair. (This amount should be enough for four treatments. Store in the fridge in an airtight container, and bring it to room temperature before using.)

For relaxed muscles ~ add five drops of Green Tea Essential Oil to a warm bath with a cup of Epsom salts, and bliss out for at least half an hour. A cup of green tea at the same time will create extra magick(5).

For a gentle ambience ~ add three drops of Green Tea Essential Oil, along with 2 drops of sandalwood, and one drop of lavender to your oil burner/diffuser, to create a gentle, serene atmosphere. Not only is this a harmonising scent, but it is especially beneficial for folk with any kind bronchial or respiratory problems.

Green Tea Essential Oil

The benefits of playing alchemy with green tea at home are many. It is fun, organic, cruelty free, kind to self, kind to Mother Earth, affordable, and it’s totally customised to your personal wants and needs.

Enjoy your lotions and potions, be kind to all beings, and may your magick serve you well. ~ GreenWitch Tea

Please note: (i) The above is offered as information not instruction. We recommend always trying any kind of new skin or hair care product on a small patch of skin on your arm (the inside of the elbow is good) to make sure it agrees with you, before putting it on your face or scalp. (ii) If you are pregnant, nursing, or on blood thinning medication, always consult your doctor before trying any new essential oils.

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  • i love the health benefits of green tea, and now green tea essential oil benefits wow,
    there is no end to this little leaf, loved your witch remedy’s / potions easy to understand.
    no wounder so many people are turning to green tea,
    love your blogs

  • Is it possible to take this orally.?
    If so, what i is the best dilution carrier oil, and dosage.?

    Many thanks…..

    • Hi Brad,
      Thanks for the interest. My answer is ‘no’, do not take green tea essential oil orally. It is extremely potent (it is cold pressed from the seed, not steamed from the leaf) and as such, should never even be applied to the skin neat. It always needs to be diluted in a carrier oil.
      Also it does interfere with blood thinning medication and a number of other medications.
      Green Tea (as in a cup of it) is the only way I would ingest the plant orally.
      Healthy 2019 to you and Many Blessings… Suzanne

  • Brad C Rolston
    January 1, 2019 9:14 pm

    Is it possible to take this orally.?
    If so, what i is the best dilution carrier oil, and dosage.?

    Many thanks…..

  • Your informations are very interesting, to tell the truth, i by chance found it on the market and searched it up to put it in perfume, for i don’t know which note it is. However thanks to this i found this article on your website and i’m really looking forward to reading other articles in here.
    Looking foreward to it.

  • Tehseen Majothi
    November 29, 2020 12:22 am

    Looking for green tea essential oil to purchase in the UK but can’t find it on Google. Please can you help?

    • I have a friend with their own essential oil company, they make green tea essential oil exclusively for me. I too had found it too difficult to find a quality, organic one. So I am sorry to say I have no-one to suggest to you. Good luck… Suzanne


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