What is a Green Witch?

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What is a Green Witch? I think every Green Witch would answer a titchy bit differently to the next; all I profess to do, is speak for me.

I start with what is a Witch? I believe Witches to be the wise folk, naturalists, healers, custodians, teachers, story tellers, and spirit warriors. They are the keepers of the secrets, finders of the path, and protectors of all things natural.

A Green Witch is one form of witch. There are many types of witches ~ Eclectic Witches, Kitchen Witches, Hedge Witches, Solitary Witches, Alexandrian Witches, Dianic Witches, Gardnerian Witches, Shamans, Druids and a number of others.

So back to what is a Green Witch?

As a base, all Green Witches are aligned with plants, healing, natural energy, creativity, Mother Earth, and the universe.  

what is a green witch

From there, personally, being a Green Witch means having a powerful connection to forests, trees, stones, streams, storms, the four elements, and the spirit within every other being. A belief in the sacredness of all that exists within nature, from seashells and mountains to wrens, wolves and humans. And an appreciation and honouring of the cosmic energy that connects us all.

what is a green witch

– As such I care about what I grow, eat, use and re-use.
– I do not harm, disturb or disrespect animals. I see them as my friends, companions, and as entitled to their life as I am to mine.
– I do not take what is already in its place of belonging.
– I study and work with the healing of herbs, nature, natural movement, the power within, and the power of connecting to the whole.
– My favourite place is deep in the forest or on any other path that is least travelled.

– And I love the magick, adventure, and discovery that is found as I go ever-deeper along the way.

What is a Green Witch ~ or a Witch of any other kind ~ to you? Only you can answer that. But whatever your answer, let the fundamental law of all Witches ~ Harm Ye None ~ be the base of your journey. May self-discovery and joy abound for you, and may your magick serve you well.
~ GreenWitch

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  • Thanks greenwitch. i love this explanation of who you are,
    greenwitches are the best!

  • I came across this article last night completely by accident. I had no idea there were different kinds of witches. This really struck a chord with me and I’m trying to read everything I can get my hands on to learn more. I have struggled for so long trying to figure out why I am so different than everyone else, especially my own family. This is who I am!! I don’t think you mentioned it in your article but I also collect bits of nature. Over my TV sits three turtle shells, several welk shells, a jar of rocks (they’re perfectly smoothed by the ocean), a birds nest that fell from a tree, a snail shell and a couple of deer sheds. I LOVE these things because each are examples of the sheer magnificence of nature. So many intricate details. Thank you so much for your article. I feel liberated!

    • Hi Katie, kindred~spirit, fellow Green Witch… You are very welcome, I am happy it has identified something for you… I so believe, our individual truth, sets each of us free. May every day, you come more and more into your own, and may your magick serve you well. Suzanne ~ GreenWitch

  • Leanne powell
    October 10, 2019 7:47 pm

    Wow I actually came here to replace some tea that I had been given as a gift that had run out but wow what an abundance of knowledge I can’t stop reading it all wonderful … and nothing has helped me like the heart healthy tea thanks you for a beautiful site I will definitely be back

  • Hello! Don’t want to be the one asking the typical boring question but I am exploring new paths so I would like to know, are green witches typically vegetarian?

    • I personally am vegan. And whilst there is no hard and fast rule, if you love animals, it seems strange to me to eat them (especially if you are talking of factory farming and battery hens).
      On top of that, it is kinder to mother earth, to not pull down trees and denude land for animal farming.
      Harm ye none, is the golden rule for me ~ and that means every being I am grateful to share this fragile globe with.
      Many blessings to you Jenna!

  • Jane E. Witwer
    July 2, 2020 8:11 pm

    A GreenWitch is a spiritual being with a connection with Nature and the hidden world, also she has red hair. We thank her for her sharing to enlighten our world. She opens our eyes to the nether world. We love and honor her.

  • I have been search for what i am. For this is not a choice. I have figured out that I am also a green witch. Thank you for your perfect explanation . Now what do I do. I figure I should embrace it. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dear Kim, welcome kindred! My best suggestions ~ embrace nature, wander in the forest, sit quietly with trees, live organically, harm none, love animals, be authentic, read all you can, create an altar for yourself, honour the sacred within you and within all beings, share kindness… Many Blessings to you!

  • margaret hazel
    October 19, 2020 9:51 pm

    dear green witch
    i loved reading your intro as to what is a green witch? your words resonated something within me,
    I felt that I had found what I have been looking for since I was a child. my mother stopped any “talk of the other things out of the ordinary” so my curiosity was stopped.
    i didn’t know that witchcraft was illegal at that time. i was born 1947.
    life and work and children took up my time. there were two times during my adult life when I tried to
    find out about it all, but my husband then my friends said nothing but their attitude towards me changed, so I gave up. until I saw your intro. thanks.

    • Dear Margaret Hazel,
      You are most welcome. I am always happy to meet kindred.
      I believe life is short, and one should never stop letting their little light shine. Be the best you that you can be. Many blessings.

  • Hello Suzanne,
    Haven’t seen you in the market for awhile and I’m just hoping all is okay.
    Blessings for the New Year and a quick recovery.

    • So sorry for the slow response Ann, I had hurt my shoulder/arm/back, but am on the mend! And am back at the RSL market in Maleny every Sunday. Hope to see you soon, many blessings! x


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