Our candles are individually handmade by us. They are natural, vegan, eco-friendly, and made with sustainably grown, organic soy wax.

They are scented with essential oils and natural plant fragrances, no chemical nasties at all. We even made sure our cotton wicks, candle labels, and printing inks are all toxin free and eco-friendly – committed and fussy folk that we are!

And our secret ingredient – shhhh – is green tea oil (which we add to every pour except for the ‘alluring’ candle). We added the green tea oil in part because we are besotted with all things green tea, and also because green tea oil is an anti-bacterial (cleansing and freshening your room as it burns) and it has has soothing and comforting properties (making for an extra relaxing ambience every time you light your candle).

Our candle containers are geo-cut glass, in a stunning range of colours, and are re-usable for a whole range of things. We use ours after each candle, as a holder for tea lights, as art deco containers for bathroom and kitchen stuff, as wee trinket ‘boxes’, or we fill them with lollies and chocolates and re-gift them on.

We hope you like our candles… and we trust you will never stop letting your little light shine.

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