Elegant, perfectly sealable, matt black tea canisters; our version of the niftiest teapot ever; and our ‘ta da’ range of clay tea and coffee cups…

Because one half of the GreenWitch Tea team is Russian, we wanted one part of our Teawares to reflect this. To this end, for more than two years, we tried to find a potter in Russia who could handmake the witchy, earthy cups we were after. We finally found such a potter – more of a wizard really – who was happy to work with us on design, use natural clays and oils only, and handmake each piece with a little bit of whimsy and a whole lot of care! How chuffed were we!

We hope you are as enchanted with these eco-friendly, 100% natural, totally handmade, individually stamped, magickal to drink from, tea and coffee cups as we are!

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