Faerie Brew

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Fairy Brew was created to evoke a feeling of sipping tea with faerie folk and then flying off for joyful adventures. The whimsy of white tea, the energy of butterfly pea flowers, and the spirit of jasmine we hope give you this exact sense of freedom. Blessings.

Ingredients: white tea, butterfly pea flowers, jasmine flowers. 100% organic ingredients.


Faerie Brew’s physical properties: clarifies skin, boosts cellular health, helps build immunity with its high anti-oxidant & polyphenol content, and gently banishes nervous tension and troubled sleep.
Faerie Brew’s psychic~spiritual properties: with its delicate fragrance, delightful colour and delectable taste this is an enchanting brew that will help the body let go of tension, infuse the mind with happy thoughts, and lift the spirits with a playful yet gentle energy.

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