Longevity Tea

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All ingredients are organic and have been chosen, sourced and blended with respect for their individual and collective anti-aging, immune-boosting, skin-improving and brain-strengthening qualities.


White tea – reduces risk of heart disease, brain disease, diabetes, and cancer. Enhances skin integrity, oral health and cellular regeneration. And is fabulous as a strengthener for overall immunity.
Siberian ginseng – the choice of Russian cosmonauts and elite athletes for enhancing brain and body performance. Excellent for focus, concentration and memory; stimulates learning, increases energy, and builds resistance to stress.
Brahmi – repairs damaged nerve cells, protects the brain, reduces inflammation and combats depression, anxiety and stress.
Hibiscus – lowers blood pressure, boosts liver and heart health, builds immunity, and is superb in its ability to keep skin hydrated, smooth and supple.
Rose petals – promote collagen production, lower stress and anxiety, assist with insomnia and sleep disorders, and promote self-love (something we at GreenWitch Tea believe is essential for not only a healthy life but also a happy one)

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