White Rose Chai

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Organic white tea and roses form the base for a delightful, healthier Chai. The softness of the white tea allows the depth and flavour of the spices to shine through. Excellent for both digestion and increasing immunity.



White Tea – soft, subtle, nurturing, rich in antioxidants to boost overall wellbeing
Chicory roasted – digestive, healing for stomach ailments and nervous conditions
Cinnamon (‘True’ cinnamon) – digestive, lowers blood sugar, boosts immunity
Turmeric – anti-inflammatory, detoxes, purifies, protects, boosts overall immunity
Ginger – anti-inflammatory, digestive, circulatory stimulant, excellent for respiratory system
Cloves – refreshes breath, anti-inflammatory, digestive, excellent for oral and respiratory health
Fennel – refreshes breath, digestive, regulates blood sugar, boosts immunity
Rose petals – healing, relaxing, adds another layer to this Chai with its soft, lingering flavour and fragrance
100% organic ingredients.

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