Healthy Heart Tea

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Blended to balance and normalise blood sugar, cholesterol, circulation and blood pressure; no caffeine.

Moringa (organic) – anti-inflammatory, reduces blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, contains more than 100 bio nutrients for cardio health and overall immunity
Hibiscus (organic) – anti-inflammatory, helps regulate blood pressure, cholesterol and circulation
Safflower petals – anti-inflammatory, helps maintain healthy heart, cholesterol and circulation
Rose petals – healing, softening, relaxing, aids relief of stress and anxiety


Your heart beats for you more than 100, 000 times per day; carries blood and oxygen all through your body; maintains healthy blood pressure, circulation and cholesterol levels; helps regulate emotions; and is the base of our connection to all beings and indeed the entire universe [a belief shared by all ancient medicines].

Heart~healthy practices of nourishing food, deep breathing, meditation, movement of your body, and Healthy Heart Teas, allow you to energise and open your heart to  greater love, peace and joy.

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