Organic White Whole Leaf Tea

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This delightful white tea has been created by hand picking the young, unopened tea buds early in the morning before the sun’s warmth has even touched the tea bush for the day. The buds are air dried in varying conditions, giving the leaf a silvery-green, delicate appearance. The light yellow tea [think champagne] has a soft, smooth aroma and a slightly sweet, yet uplifting, and superbly refreshing flavour.

Origin and altitude: Grown in China, at an altitude of just over 2,000 metres.
Certification: Biodynamic, Organic, and Fair Trade.


White tea ~ fresh, soft, whimsical, enchanting.  It’s subtle flavour cannot help but bring you to your moment. Beautiful for tea rituals, tea parties, or the perfect moment of rest, meditation or reflection. A balm for skin, hair, heart, immunity and energy. A wee gift to self with every sip.

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