A-Z of Chilling Out

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A-Z of Chilling Out ~ in amongst the challenges and hectic pace of life, so many folk seem to be missing their moment, and missing the simple but wondrous things that are going on all around them.

This little A-Z of Chilling Out list is about bringing some wonder and celebration back into your day, every day! And there is such a myriad of ways to do this, to kick back, delight your senses, and let some bliss in…

A-Z of Chilling Out

A is afternoon tea, adaption (change is inevitable, it is only stressful when we baulk at adapting), the colour apricot(1), all animals, and appreciation.

B is for books, blue skies, breathing in, breathing out, birds, butterflies, and buying yourself flowers.

A-Z of Chilling Out

C is for candles, colouring-in(2), courage, communication, cuddles, crystals, crocheting (it’s back in fashion I’m sure), and chamomile infusions.

D is for dates(3), the edible ones, they strengthen your blood, daisies, dragonflies, and dark green leafy veggies (the darker the green, the more chock full of nutrients).

E is for essential oils, exercise, elephants, edible flowers, keeping your ego in check (humility is a lovely thing), and enthusiasm.

F is for frivolity (joy for the sake of it), fractals (the sacred patterns of mother nature), and fruit ~ in particular, berries, cherries, figs and melons.

G is for green ~ green tea, green veggies, grass, moss, trees, forests, and green witches.

H is for herbs ~ planting, cooking, eating, drinking, and creating potions, alchemy and magick with them.

I is for the colour indigo, insight (you already know the answers), identifying what matters and letting the rest go.

J is for not judgement, and not doing it! It behoves none of us to judge another. It is a way kinder thing to be introspective on bettering self, than to be focused on judging another.

K is for kittens, kites, hanging out with kindred spirits, kindness, kisses and kookiness.

A-Z of Chilling Out

L is for all things lunar ~ every night there is a different feel and energy coming off the moon, it is always blissful to be out with her, admiring, dancing, and weaving your magick.

M is for morning tea, music, being a little mad (read: quirky, different, being your own unique self), mangoes, the colour mauve, and all thing mystical.

N is for Namaste ~ for the spirit in you to recognize and honour the spirit in all others.

O is for a little opulence ~ a feast cooked with love, champagne by an open fire, luxuriating in a bath of bubbles, filling your favourite room with flowers, incense and candles… or whatever floats your opulent boat.

P is for pansies, peonies, the colour purple, playing with puppies, the silence of pine needles underfoot, and staying positive.

Q is for quiet ~ and learning to infuse your day with little moment of stillness and silence where your brain and spirit take a rest.

R is for radiance, whether that be sunshine, moonshine, a smile on your face, or putting a smile on someone else’s.

A-Z of Chilling Out

S is for simplicity ~ there is so much serenity in keeping it simple, the ‘kiss’ principle is a very fine thing (keep it simple sweetie).

T is for tea(4), and a favourite teapot to brew it in, gorgeous teacups to drink from, themed tea parties with friends, and tranquil tea rituals for self.

U is for understanding ~ that some days you need to do nothing but chill, that someone else’s angst in not about you, that most folks just need kindness, and that you need to love yourself first before peace and joy truly enter your life.

V is for veggies (every colour of the rainbow), getting enough Vitamin B (for coping with life’s stresses and challenges), violin music, valuing yourself, and the colour violet.

W is for warmth, walking, drinking enough water (nothing else works if you don’t), whistling (such a happy thing to do) and welcoming each new day and all it brings.

X is for explore (a little poetic license) ~ whether it’s a new idea, an unknown path through the forest, a different meal to cook, or a challenging subject to study; exploring and learning new stuff is the essence of life.

Y is for you ~ no one is more important, more special, more magnificent than you. So love the body you’re in, the spirit you are, and never stop letting your little light shine.

And Z is for Zen ~ the only moment that any of us have sure is the one we’re in. So be as present as you can, and make it as soft, whimsical or zany as you wish.

My A-Z of Chilling Out list is just meant to get you started on your own. I actually make mine up fresh each day. However, the sources of my blessings stay constant ~ love, health, kindness and living connected to Mother Earth.

May your day be full of blessings that work for you, and may your magick serve you well. ~ GreenWitch Tea

(1) Meaning of colours (2) Colouring-in for adults

(3) Foods to strengthen your blood (4) Green Tea

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  • Diana Boedecker
    May 20, 2017 11:54 am

    Hi there Thank you! Lovely!

    Your page is also lovely. I too am a green witch. I find your posts delightful. Blissings!

  • oooooohhhhhhh I LOVE this Green-Witch guide of multi-sensory, multi-colored, kaleidoscopics! I want to dance with glee across the meadow, so grateful to BE, on this precious Gaia, in a physical body, right smack dab in the zingy-zany moment of Now. You’ve given so many yummy, gor-juice, de-light-full tidbits full of sweet-ness and sparkles to tickle my fancies, while sipping soothing warm green tea laced with lemon and decorated with vivacious violets! you rock my world dear Greenwitch! xoxox

    • Hi Sheila… I love your wordsmithing, brilliant :-)) Thank you for your reply and joy… Tea with lemon and violets sounds beautiful, many blessings… )o(

  • you are so full of wisdom greenwitch your range of knowledge is amazing, and the website is very calming place to be, looking at all the teas, now which to buy.


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