ABC of Kindness

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Kindness is a conscious act to do something nice for another (or self) with heart, spirit and purity. There are so many opportunities all day long to put kind thoughts into actions. Here’s my wee ABC of Kindness for a few ideas.

ABC of Kindness…

Action your kind intentions ~ it’s in the doing, that people feel your love.

Believe in someone else ~ and let them know you do, everybody needs to know someone has faith in them.

Carry someone’s load a while ~ groceries, chores, secrets…

Dance with the person no-one else is dancing with.

Encouragement ~ tis the easiest thing in the world to offer.

Forgiveness is a kindness ~ for both the forgiver and the forgivee.

Give what you can, when you are able ~ your time at an elder’s home, a book in the park, your old clothes, a care box for someone in need, a few dollars or a coffee for someone who could use it more than you…

Human touch ~ holding someone’s hand, an arm around the shoulder, giving a hug ~ can literally change a life.

ABC of Kindness

Imagination ~ share a little of what could be.

Judgement ~ as in don’t do it! Just be kind, no judgement, no ‘shoulds’, no ‘what you would have done’.

ABC of Kindness

Kiss someone’s forehead ~ there is much power in your third eye kiss(1)

Laughter ~ a lovely way to halve a burden.

Magick ~ there’s a little of it in every act of kindness.

Namaste ~ let your spirit acknowledge the spirit in all others(2).

Own your mistakes and make good on your ‘sorry’.

Read to the elderly in homes and hospitals.

Smile ~ it can brighten a person’s moment more than you know.

Tea ~ make tea(3) for those who are down; tis one of the greatest spirit lifters of all time.

Unconditional kindness ~ no agenda whatsoever is the kindest way to offer kindness.

Volunteer to help ~ anywhere for anyone, once a year for Christmas, or every other day, there’s always a place nearby that can use your help(4).

Wisdom ~ we have all little pearls to share.

Express (poetic license) respect and love, your kind words soften, nurture, heal.

Yearly ~ every year decide afresh to add kindness to your life, and to all those whose paths you cross.

Zest ~ the world needs more positive energy… throw it around like autumn leaves.

My wee ABC of Kindness, is only the start of the zillion, sparkling ways to throw kindness out there. Being kind, being grateful, being present ~ are the three best ways I know of being happy.

May tea, magick and kindness fill your day. ~ GreenWitch Tea

Of neighborhoods, benevolence is the most beautiful. How can the man be considered wise who when he had the choice does not settle in benevolence. ~ Confucius

(1) Third eye kiss (2) Namaste (3) Tea (4) Places to volunteer in Australia

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