Green Tea and Yoga

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Green Tea and Yoga are a hand-in-glove fit I believe. Not only for the exceptional health and wellbeing virtues they share, but also for the meditative and zen aspects they both nurture.

Green Tea and Yoga are the way I start every day. They are my ‘good morning world’, balancing act. They both ground and energise me, and fill me with gratitude for the moment, as well as the day ahead.

However, some people do not enjoy Green Tea on an empty stomach. If you are one of these people, then Green Tea first thing in the morning is not for you.

Part of wholisitic health is being able to listen to your body, and trust what it is telling you.

Similarly, a lot of people do not enjoy their yoga first thing in the morning or they simply don’t have time before heading out the door.

They would rather do their yoga in the afternoon or evening.

Some folk are even fortunate enough to work in a place where yoga is offered during work hours (a more and more common practice as research keeps emerging showing that yoga increases focus, concentration, and in turn, workplace productivity.)

Is green tea good before or after yoga?

Green Tea and Yoga are perfectly paired health rituals.

Green Tea aids memory, protects brain function, boosts metabolism, helps you unwind, reduces inflammation and slows down aging. (See blog: Health benefits of Green Tea.)

Yoga’s health gifts are equally far ranging. Yoga increases flexibility and stamina, relieves muscle stiffness and pain, releases tension throughout the entire body, improves sleep, strengthens immunity, and enhances inner peace.

So do you drink your Green Tea before yoga or after yoga?

Making and drinking Green Tea before yoga calms you down. It lets the outside world fall away, inviting you to become totally present both for your tea, and for the yoga that is about to follow.

Tea after yoga is extra delightful as all your senses are completely alive. I find the scent even more refined, the colour deeper, the sound of the tea pouring more melodic, and the taste even more delicious. It is also a perfect gateway between your yoga and whatever activity you are about to do next.

Are Green Tea and yoga good together?

Of course there is no reason why you cannot enjoy a cup of Green Tea both before and after your yoga. For optimal health, around four-five cups of Green Tea per day is perfect. Either way, enjoy!

And remember to keep breathing deeply, stay grateful, and share kindness throughout your day…
Namaste ~ GreenWitch Tea

Namaste’: I bow to you… Sometimes extended to: the divine light in me bows to the divine light in you.

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