Fun with Herbs

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There are so many ways to have Fun with Herbs. Herbs can be made into magick charms, herbal oils, bath additives, vision enhancers, infusions, healing potions, face lotions, and dream pillows, to name but a few.

Mother Nature has supplied us with so many ways to have Fun with Herbs, all you need to add is imagination and your unique stamp of creativity…

  • Magick Charms ~ herb mixes on their own, or with a little amulet, leaf, crystal, feather and/or silver charm, make personalised, meaningful mojo bags. Tie your mix in a small piece of cloth or put it in a little bag. Give an intention to your mojo bag such as love, gratitude, positivity, or serenity. Then either carry it in your pocket, purse or around your neck, or place it in a sacred place such as an altar, yoga room, or by your bed. Connect with it as often as you wish through the day, keeping your intention in your heart as you do so. (Watch this space in two weeks for my blog Magick Charms and Mojo Bags.)
fun with herbs
  • Herbal Oils ~ you can make Herbal Oils with your herb of choice and pretty much any pure oil you have in your kitchen. I generally use either olive oil or jojoba. They both have excellent healing properties, long shelf life, and are versatile for whatever I then wish to do with the oil. However, most natural oils (e.g. apricot, almond, macadamia) are all good. Place your dried herbs in a glass jar (lavender or rosemary are simple garden herbs to start off with). Cover them with oil. Stir. Put a lid on the jar, and then leave on a sunny window sill for 4-6 weeks (shaking the container once or twice per day). Strain the oil, and voila, a potent herbal oil to use as a base for skin lotions, massage oil, compresses, scented candles, or for any other concoction you now wish to make.
  • Bath balls ~ herbs mixed with oatmeal and tied with string in a piece of cheesecloth are beautiful as bath balls. You can tie them around the tap so that they’re under the running water as you draw your bath, or leave them in the bath for the first 10 minutes (then remove them to re-use in your next few baths). Chamomile and lavender are wonderful for relaxing, basil and sage are stimulating, eucalyptus will help you breathe easy, rose and jasmine feel wonderfully luxurious.
  • Herbal infusions ~ also called tisanes, and sometimes, incorrectly called ‘tea’, are a relaxing and healing way to use herbs. You can use fresh herbs from your garden such as peppermint, chamomile, sage, or lemon balm; dry your own herbs; or buy dried herbs or tisanes from any store that sells healthy food. Put two teaspoons of fresh or one teaspoon of dried herb into a pot, pour on boiling water, steep for 10 minutes, strain, and enjoy.
fun with herbs
  • Vision Enhancers ~ shamans, healers, rainbow warriors, and people on a spiritual path have smoked herbs pretty much since we first discovered fire. Certain herbs can be used to expand the mind, commune with spirits, connect with deeper meaning, or are the perfect enhancer when on a vision quest (1) (2) (3). I am not suggesting that this is for you, and please do not do this without the right advice and guidance. However, smudging (bathing yourself or an area in smoke) is a more common way of obtaining the magickal effects of smoking as opposed to direct ingestion (another blog in the coming weeks).
  • Dream pillows ~ are a lovely way to enchant your dreams and your night’s slumber. Start with a piece of clean, soft, natural cloth, such as cotton, hemp or bamboo.  Cut the material into two identical pieces of any shape you wish, a rectangle, heart, whatever works for you. Sew the two pieces together inside out, leaving an opening. Turn right side in. Fill the pillow with your dried herbal mix, and sew up the remaining fabric. Herbs that encourage restful sleep include lavender, chamomile, passionflower, sweet marjoram, hops, lemon verbena, and rose petals. Place under your pillow and fill your nights with sweet dreams.

There are many ways to have Fun with Herbs. Not only are herbs a large part of Mother Nature’s medicine chest (4) (5) (6), they are also mood setting, cleansing, energising, calming, uplifting magickal and transportive. Wise use of herbs provides us with connection to earth and gives depth to our physical and spiritual wellbeing.  ~ GreenWitch Tea

When health is absent Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become manifest, Strength cannot be exerted, Wealth is useless and Reason is powerless. ~ Herophilies, 300 BCE

Please note: I do not offer Fun with Herbs as instruction, only as information. Always check with your doctor or health practitioner before you try any new herb, especially if you are ingesting it. If you are not sure, do not use it.

(1) Smoking natural herbs (2) Herbal smoking blends

(3) Health benefits of smoking herbs (4) Herbal Medicine Part 1

(5) Herbal Medicine Part 2 (6) Herbal Medicine Part 3

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  • Sandra murray
    April 8, 2017 1:30 pm

    My curiosity is more than piqued by vision enhancers. Wow I’m blown away by the knowledge on smoking herbs! And not just of the medical marijuanc kind! Why can’t this be added to general knowledge of wellness! Oh you just did lol! I’m approved for MM for various reasons. But my cardiologist recommended vaping also. The rampant side effects of my currant medication , have me baffled at the idea the are helping! I ruined all my first oils, I added fresh herbs ( lesson learned) 🙁 and rancid was my results! I had plenty of dried flowers, so I figured hmm add some nice herbs. Lol. You cleared that up for me awhile back! I’m really enjoying learning and keeping real and steady!! Thym!!

    • Sandra, I am going to be doing a full blog on vision enhancers, smoking herbs, and smudging in about a month. Unfortunately orthodox medicine, does not commonly suggest/explore/offer natural alternatives… I will definitely let know when it is up… Healthy, blessed days till then… :-))


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