The ABC of Tea

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The ABC of Tea ~ there is a tea, or tea related snippet of whimsy, to match every mood, occasion and letter of the alphabet…

A is for Afternoon tea ~ that magickal moment amongst the efforts of your day, a time to pause, and linger blissfully over your favourite cup of tea.

B is for Buddhist Tea ~ a sublime tea gently enticing you into meditation and reflection.

C is for Chinese mythology and the Creation of the first cup of tea ~ nearly 5,000 years ago, Emperor Shen Nung(1) sat beneath a Camellia sinensis (tea) tree. The wind blew leaves into the water he was boiling over his campfire. The Emperor decided to try the brew, and the first cup of tea was created.

D is for Dragon Pearls ~ tender green tea leaves hand crafted into pearls that delightfully unfurl when brewed… And E is for the Enchanting journey tea takes you on as each sense is gently engaged. From the fragrance of dry tea leaves and the subtle change in scent as the leaves start brewing… through to the tantalizing taste of your first cup, and the deepening tastes with each subsequent brew.

F is for Fairtrade(2) ~ for making sure you buy your tea from co-operatives who ensure all workers are highly trained in their craft and are rewarded for such with fair and ethical wages, conditions and acknowledgement.

G is for Green Tea, GreenWitch Tea, Great tea, family and village owned tea Gardens, and all ethical tea Growing around the world… H is the healing power of tea(3)… And I is for iced tea ~ with lemon, citrus slices and mint sprigs served on a hot, still, Summer afternoon.

the abc of tea

J is for the Japanese tea ceremony, with its ritual, formality, respect and tranquility.

K is for the humble Kettle, without which, tea simply does not happen. L is for loose leaf tea where the magick starts… And M is for Morning tea and the pick-me-up and recharge it offers.

N is for Natural tea ~ teas grown with organic principles and sustainably harvested; and the accompanying clarity, purity and richness that comes with such care… O is for Oolong tea ~ partially fermented and oxidized, offering a tea taste somewhere between green and black… And P is for Pu-erh tea, an oxidised, immensely healthy tea that mellows and improves with age.

Q is for Queens love Tea ~ from Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth to the rock band Queen and Dean Martin in a tiara, royalty and tea have always gone together.

R is for Ritual ~ bringing focus, awareness and simplicity to each tiny part of tea making and drinking.

S is for storing tea leaves ~ in airtight containers away from heat and light… T is for your favourite Teapot and Teacup… U if for Unfermented (which means Green) tea… and V is for making tea a Visual feast, so that your eyes enjoy your tea as much as your taste buds do.

celebrities love tea

W is for White Tea  ~ the most delicate of all teas… And X is for excellent, exotic, exquisite, and exuberant teas, teas with the X factor that provide extreme enjoyment with every cup.

Y is for drinking Green Tea with Yoga(4)… And Z is for Zen. Being Present. Knowing that this moment of sipping tea is poetic, pure and perfect.

Wishing you magick in your tea and in your day. ~ GreenWitch Tea

(1)  Emperor Shen Nung
(2) Fairtrade & ethical trading
(3) The healing power of Green Tea
4) Green Tea and Yoga

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